Teacher Teacher burdens more than parents do, therefore, unless you really love(You don't really love teach, you need wish you can have the good luck to be fired by a good or evil boss who can 西裝外套have the sharp eyes to see your unfitted.) to teach, you must not go to work in school. Because you works i 室內裝潢n school, you have to have the good will to see teacher like your God, because teacher must have to love God more than anything in order 代償 to care every kid unconditionally like God loves every one of us unconditionally.Why I can have right to own property in America as a loser teacher? Becau 設計裝潢se America is a place for loser, for prisoners, for dead body or trash dumped by their First place rulers, or treason from Taiwan and Mainland China that eating Chinese mon 婚禮顧問ey to get rich and famous here than bite back to Taiwan and Mainland China to eat around the globe; therefore, every individual civilian supposed got free house, free daily life needs like the rest 裝潢 of real animals do (because you have no way to deal with those evil treasons out of TAiwan and Mainland China except kill <When you run out of enough natural place to afford you to provide garden house to get free s 宜蘭民宿unshine and moon light peaceful wind air to show your mankind for them to live, you must do your mankind duty to feed best gun shot that you can afford to do to kill them all> them or jail them inside the garden house like the rest of the prisone 賣屋rs do, like that "Dr.Lee Wen Ho" deserved that kind treatment by your American rule, not to allow your treason or treasons, your prisoners, your dead body counts, your loser out of your place to dragon down the rest of the world) ; plus my teaching rooted good wil 酒店兼職l Free of Charge teaching when I was at elementary 4th grade, and I accepted that Chinese school teaching offering not for money, sex, or power, or to make a living. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 室內裝潢  .


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