肥姐 ! 追思會 12/18 胡錦、劉家昌 肥姐 ! 追思會 12/18 胡錦、劉家昌(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L5cWnNtup8) Female who chooses to jump in "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" pool needs to know that no way for her back to heaven in current life. If she can have the good will be the virgin to the end, then she may be the bright star hang above the sky to get the advantage of the high place to follow her supposed sweetheart to come into this world again to get true love from him to help her to see our True God's love to back to heavenly home together with her sweetheart in her next life. You choose to be "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" you lose your place to please God's order, you don't please God's order, you cannot deserve God bless you good luck, therefore, you must rely on yourself good will, yourself good strength, yourself good determination, yourself good talent, unselfishly commitment to the role that you take to play to win the extreme righteous Satan to respect you enough to stand your side to spare you from dragon down so that you can maintain your pure virgin to leave your body jail to prove you're "True.5.Knee.Are.Boot.染" to show up your star bright abo 關鍵字行銷ve the dark sky to make Satan proudly brag you in front of our Mighty God. You must not buy stupid bad ugly evil 劉家昌's words to waste your money to buy 沈殿霞's daughter's whatever "Pen", because "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" must rely on self "Sheng.Sir" to make the self sale(She can only self herself formlessly, she must not make commercial, this may explain how come you rarely seeing Western business using "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" to make commercial, I remember Liz TAylor made commercial for perfume but stopped shortly, I remember Paul Newman made Salad dressing commercial and said made by his own formula; it is not a righteous way for "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" to do so, "Jane.Shun" needs to be alerted do not dragon down "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" into hells, if he does, he's committing "Way.Fool.Boot.Ren"[To be rich and famous, your burden is very heavy, you must do all you can to help the rest of world to be better, you are rich and famous, you are doing nothing good, you must have had to go to the deep deeper deepest hells.] "Jway+Jway" must have had to go to the deepest hells "永.5 澎湖民宿.Ten.日"), she may personal ask 劉家昌 to buy her "Sheng.Sir.Chyuan.Mar", 劉家昌 must not abuse her Motherhood force to press or use her as his tool to gang the underground chained slavery suckers, it offends Satan(When female chooses to take fate on herself, she takes the challenge against God's order, therefore, she cannot deserve God bless her good luck, she must do every "聲色"sale by HERSELF directly, this may explain how come when female chooses job, must not choose to sale goods, must rather sale herself directly at her own free minded[This may explain how come female "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" must keep her pure virgin to the end to show herbrightness of light to comply with free fly high because "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" must have no freedom to choose her audience to sell and have no way to play any role at her own free mind to get the professional career eyes to echo her talent welcome more. ] choice, you just need to have common sense and brain cell to know when you must not rely on God helps you, how dare you think you can rely on any man power to help you, how dare you expect any oth 酒店工作er female dressed animals can have the American time or heart to care your good luck while all good woman just rather stay at her own place to please God's order instead of following your low lower lowest sucks.) extreme righteous rule, therefore, if you buy 劉家昌's words to buy whatever he told you to do the favor to 沈殿霞's daughter, you are certainly 弄巧成拙 sinking her into hells, you care 沈殿霞's daughter, you must not make sale for her, you need let her take her own fate on her own hands freely. As regard the breast cancer that 胡錦 mentioned, I think woman or female should take advantage of starving(That only woman can have the right to take that lightness to leave while man must always struggle to live to the last breath.) to die instead of cutting body part off(You must have the good will to see the death light so that you can have the good luck to get your next better life. This may explain how come you rather demand all your people dry out to leave no blood [This may explain how come MouJerDong must have had enforced "one child" policy in Mainland China, so that Chinese can gradually dr 租辦公室ied out; therefore, you Taiwanese should kill all your stupid bad ugly evil doers and the "Y.G.Sin.Lyoung" they brought into your land. Chinese already suffering enough "Ink.盛.Young.衰" crimes, you must not afford to see your evil doers brought more coming like nothing.]behind equally than to rely on unselfish warriors or heroes[You cannot force your evil doers to dry out leaving no blood behind, you must do your duty to kill them all; because you must not afford to see more innocents brought into this world to die, commit Chinese said "Jane.4.Boot.Joe" crime.] to sacrifice their own supposed deserved love to do the kill duty to pay your lie.). Keep in mind all the time that you must die with love(This may explain how come "Lin.Die.Yu" died so sad, and "Ja(cket).Bow.Yu" later "Long.G.Ten.涯.Boot.知所終". Because she died at virgin left no chance loved and beloved. Without Truely make love, no man and woman can see our True God love to get a good life after leaving earth body jail, this may explain how come even unselfish Mother Theresa must have had to live in the between as Ghost form, must not be able to back to heavenly h 房屋買賣ome; therefore, woman died at virgin is useless unless she's a pure virgin bright star or provided unselfishly FREE service to every one who needs her service in front of her eyes like Mother Theresa had done Chinese said "1.Eye.人.Jane") or hate(Therefore, if you cannot find any thing worth your love, you must like MouJerDong dared use hot hot hot "恨.Tyell.Boot.Chen.Gun" like Satan "G.U[gly].Rule.仇", you must not hate [You must not hate good better best, because they will be all back to heaven sooner or later, and without good remaining, you cannot find your true love, without your true love matches you, you cannot see our True God's love, without seeing our True God's love, you cannot back to our heavenly home, then, you can only become either liveless or "Sheng.Boot.Rule.4"]any personal, you must hate formless evilness, like you may hate anyone who speaks "Fun.Yan" to try to break your country pieces away, like you may hate any rich and famous "Way.Fool.Boot.Ren", therefore, after you leave your body jail, you can stay in between keep you "恨.Lead" to watch those hated by you all gone with wind, then you can go to hell[Hell has no head, every o 長灘島ne rely on self formless weight, the lighter the upper, the less light the less height, the more sink into deeper, lift the lighter higher to come out to wait for HIS earth life. Therefore, when human being gives birth, the male always from hells; the female always from the male loser's form except the one who's bright star##This may explain how come Chinese formal 0pera京劇 must always male, because it is a show of "Young.Gun" 功夫 brag the power of honesty+++Therefore, I realized what made京劇 lost ground on staged, must because they have added female***"裝.Mall.作.Young. Nun.Boot.Nun.女.Boot.女. Nun.女.Shore.Shore.Boot.Chin. Chen.Her.Tea.統"; "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" must be fitted the rule of "too good to be True", therefore, 京劇 male role fits too good to be true "Young.Gun.7"; female must have no place to show to over come Chinese good tradition "Nun.女.Boot.Shore"; this may explain how come female "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" must keep pure virgin to afford to make up looked like "C.10.May.Sir" to fit the rule of too good to be true. *** role in that story to play, 京劇 must always play the story that bearing male role only instead of getting any female role involved played by m 辦公室出租ale or female+++ talent, therefore, they wear or draw the face showing "人.Boot.人 鬼.Boot.鬼" to show you their honest heart against too good to be true lies. This is why female must not have anything to do with京劇, if she does, she become "自.7.7.人" liar, she must have had to go to hells, she should rather die sooner than later, because even she's a virgin, her+++Even she takes female role, that "人.Boot.人 鬼.Boot.鬼" dressed up must have lost her "Too Good To Be True" Angel face Devil figure priceless value +++ fake male real "Young.Gun"功夫 cannot comply "Too Good To Be True" with bright star pool, therefore, female may play Taiwanese "What.Chyuan.Show.Tway.Good.Jeye.C"***"What.Chyuan.Show.Tway.Boot.Fun.女扮.Nun.裝.Dot.Mar.Who.Yan"*** must not have anything to do with the power of honesty real gifted京劇.## following her sweetheart falling down from above the sky. The Star hang above the sky always female, male virgin cannot become star, man cannot get a life without service his true love, male cannot find his true love woman is a loser, therefore, he must come again as woman form to WAIT and see for the second chance of good luck.] to wait for your turn to come into this world 襯衫again to meet your supposed only love, together you two can truely make love to see our True God's love and back to heavenly home together with your only love.), you must not die at cold cold hart, this is why you must not allow yourself become "Lo.Yen" said "越恨越冷靜" coward, you must not die like Chinese said "Chang.Myan.Bean.Tar"(了無遺憾) or "Shore.Zhong.Zheng.Chin"(惡夢不醒-"不醒人.10"), because only love and hate can keep you alive after you leave your body jail, like Chinese so called "Jean.神.Boot.4". You must do all you can die with love, because only love can have endless "Jean.神.Boot.4", hate hardly keep going after your hatred all die out under your watch(This may explain how come you may see the most evil doers got live very old very rich died painlessly, must because those who died with hate to them wanted them to live as long as possible to keep their hatred going as long as possible, and they don't want what hated by them to get any chance to live "HATE" like Chinese said "遺憾" to get a formless life after leaving body jail in earth. ). Therefore, I realized how come I could felt that warm hug in my dream from late 華興育幼院黃院長, must because she died with love to me. I remember she told me t 情趣用品hat I was too fat, I did not understand why "Fat" matters, now I realized like Chinese said "G.Whore.Zhong.Sour" can help you keep better long life of "Jean.神.Boot.4". This may explain how come the film "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" Sweeney was killed almost immediately by Mrs.Lovett's son, must because she died horribly with hate to Sweeney Todd, with love to her son, therefore, she still alive formlessly after she left her body jail; this may explain how come Chinese sad about "Bi.What.Sung.Hay.What.Ren", must because kid must not die with love to parents, only parents may die with love to kids to keep formless life after leaving body jail; this may explain how come Bible said that you must love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your will, because only God's love can live you formlessly forever(美夢[神女生涯 "Yuan.10.夢"]成真). How come she loves God more than her sweetheart, she still need to have him with her together back to heavenly home? Because he loves her more than his own life, she loves him more than her own life, they cannot love God more than their life.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房屋二胎  .
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